DharSii (translated as "quick claw" or "sure claw" in Parl) was an orange-reddish (described also as dull orange) striped dragon living before, during and after the Age of Fire. During his early life he carried another name, but few remembered it, by the time of the end of the Age of Fire. He was nicknamed "Stripes" by the human Gettel. He was notorious for taking part in different military and political events during the Age.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Red-orange, striped
Current: Chartered Trust
Past: Dragon Empire, Sadda-Vale
Current: none
Past: Aerial Host Commander
Aunt: Scabia
Cousin: Aethleethia
Mate/s: Wistala
Children: CuDasthene, 2 other males, 2 females (clutch sired secretly, adopted by NaStirrath and Aethleethia)

Official: others from a second clutch

Battles: Third Battle for the sun-shard, Raid in Vesshall, Second Battle of Hypat, Fourth Battle of Lavadome
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations


DharSii was an unique dragon of the Age of Fire. Apart being the last male of the Sadda-Vale bloodline, he was famous for being exceptionally strong, courageous, intelligent, curious and creative. His way of thinking was extremely developed compared the one of many other dragons, and he expressed great interest in the past. Compared with the dragons of the Lavadome, he was extremely balanced (while the dragons of the three Lavadome lines are more prone to the specific features of their breed). Despite his open-mind he was unique for being enigmatic by having however some personal beliefs that could surprise even his closer friends: among these, he was a firm believer of allowing the death-fight of male hatchlings, different from other open-minded dragons like AuRon or the Copper.

Early LifeEdit

DharSii was born originally in the Sadda-Vale, being the last young male of the almost extinct dragon community, and as well as being nephew of the ruler Scabia. After the end of the Dragon Civil Wars between the dragons of the Empire, he was traded to the Lavadome in exchange of NaStirath. DharSii eventually became a member of the Aerial Host. Later, after AgGriffopse stepped down from the position of leader of the Aerial Host, DharSii took his place. Gaining popularity among the dragons of the Lavadome, DharSii became rivals with AgGriffopse.  He was courting AgGriffopse's sister, Enesea , for a time, before Enesea conspired with Tighlia to make it seem as though DharSii had assaulted her in an attempt to remove competition for her brother's attempt at the throne. The incident was triggered by an unfortunate love flight between DharSii and Enesea: the dragonelle was wounded by colliding with a rock, and being in a status of shock feared that DharSii was going to rape or kill her. AgGriffopse challenged DharSii to a duel, who left AgGriffopse mortally wounded. DharSii was accused of cheating, and fled the Lavadome in disgrace, eventually settling in the Sadda-Vale . He shed his original name during this time, and began referring to himself as DharSii, which means "quick-claw" or "sure-claw" in Drakine. His original name was known to few.

Following Events Edit

After this disgrace, DharSii remained in the Sadda-Vale for some time, venturing out occasionally to hunt trolls or do mercenary work so he could gain coins for the dragons living there. Wistala met him during this time period while traveling on her own. The two did not much like each other at first, as Wistala found DharSii's air of superiority off-putting.

DharSii later became a messenger and mercenary fighter for the Red Queen. He delivered information to the Copper about a movement against him in Hypatia. He met Wistala again, battling with her when he was ordered by the Red Queen to capture the Sun-shard. He eventually ended up leaving the Queen's service in favor of returning to fight for other dragons. 

In the events which followed, during the rule of Tyr RuGaard, he acted as a pseudo-advisor to the Tyr on several occasions, speaking of wonders he had come across in his travels. When the Copper was betrayed by NiVom and Imfamnia, DharSii welcomed the Siblings to the Sadda-Vale.

Over the course of the siblings' stay, DharSii became secretly mated to Wistala, and later assisted the Copper with his return to the Empire. He also took decisive action during the Second Dragon Civil War. Apart from his contributions with fighting and securing allies, DharSii was also one of few who were concerned with the secret plans of their enemies, and he personally attempted to gather more knowledge and track down all the items related to the Sun-Shard and the Lavdome crystal. But when he went to search for the third part of the "collection" with Wistala in her birth cave, they found nothing because the crystal staff was already in the hands of their enemies.

DharSii survived the conflict, and could finally settle with Wistala as his official mate. He was worried about the probability of his species' survival, considering the heavy loss of lives of the previous Age, but Wistala revealed to him her plans to fight against such threat by revealing to him she was pregnant by him with a large clutch.


His actions and beliefs had a great impact during the Age of Fire and his contribution to the end of the conflict was important.

His inheritance was also made up by a numerous progeny: he sired a clutch with Wistala, and even if the two of them were not the official parents of the hatchlings (being officially adopted by Aethleethia and NaStirath), they shared their blood and qualities. The clutch was composed by three males (the largest was CuDasthene, and one of the two brothers was striped like DharSii), and two females.

After the end of the Age of Fire, DharSii could finally officially settle with Wistala, and the pair conceived a second (probably larger) clutch, this time destined to be cared and raised by the real parents.