The demen (also known as de-men) are a subterranean race of hominid creatures living only in the Lower World. Demen are described as insect-like hominids, black or dark colored, with a naturally generated armor (carapace) and growing of quills on back and arms thanks to their exoskeleton (sometimes used as additional natural weapons). They operate in a horde-like system, working in large groups to overwhelm their enemies.  When their own population has grown too much, Demen are known to practice cannibalism. They adored multiple gods, and gave them human sacrifices.

History Edit

Since the establishment of the Lavadome, the dragons entered in conflict with the Demen. Demen were deprived of most of their original territories after years of war, until Tyr RuGaard put an end to the conflict. Demen were also enemies of the Griffarans, and enjoyed stealing and eating their eggs.

Later with the pact with Tyr RuuGard, the Demen, a Demen Legion was formed, fighting together the Dragon Empire.

Under the leadership of Tyr NiVom, Demen were however fed with dragon blood and grew in strength and size. They eventually served Imfamnia/the Red Queen during the latter phase of the Second Dragon Civil War.

Notable DemenEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Demen are identical to the mythological "Demons"