Blighters (or "Umazheh" or "Umazeh" in their own language) are a primitive and violent race of hominids, split in many tribes often fighting among themselves.

According the Dragons mythology, the Blighters are the world's second oldest race, preceded only by the animals. Blighters are said to have been born of the Spirits of Earth and Fire, out of jealousy for the creatures born from Wind and Water.

Once they were a powerful civilization, that ruled the other hominids during the Age of Wheels, but now they've fallen into barbarism: sometimes they associate themselves with Dragons, serving them and offering food, in exchange for protection and help in war.

Blighters are large beings, with broad, squat faces and some have prominent fangs. They are described as ugly and malformed, and many consider them unequal to the other hominids. They often live in nomadic tribes and stationary villages, though ancient blighters built massive cities that were great feats of architecture, under the tutelage of their magi, overlords, and dragon masters.

Blighter society is highly tribal, and most blighter villages are ruled by a single despot who proves stronger and smarter than his competitors, though occasionally such despots are replaced by a powerful magus or shaman. The blighter males frequently practice polygamy, and the more children and wives a male has, the more powerful he is considered.

Blighters are said to be able to cross with humans, but differently from half-elves, the children born are known to be sterile.

Blighters also burn their own dead.

Past Edit

Long time ago, the Blighters were an advanced and powerful civilization: their culture reached the peak with the foundation and flourishing of the Kingdom of Uldam, and an entire Age saw their dominion (the Age of Wheels). Their fortunes however saw an ends with the rise of the Dragons.