Blackhard (full name was Hard-Legs Black-Bristle) was a wolf who lived during the Age of Fire.

Meeting AuRon Edit

Blackhard was part of the Dawn Roarer pack: the pack attacked Auron (at the time only a drake) and was destroyed, but aware of the need of help from someone else, Auron spared the young wolf.

Allowing Blackhard to survive, Auron let to the Dawn Roarer a chance of survival. Blackhard proposed the young drake to be leader, but Auron refused, leaving the title to the wolf. During the "Thing", Blackhard made known to other wolves the adoption of Auron as a wolf, then two females joined the pack, allowing a future for it.

Blackhard and Auron departed when they realized humans were tracking back the drake. During the time together, the two different being developed a friendship of trust and jokes.

Later Blackhard saved Auron life, gathering wolves when Dragonblade corned the young drake: under threat of attacking the villages, the other men gave up their support to Dragonblade and the dragon-slayer was forced to stop the hunt.

Howling to the moon by queensaphira-d6cplbf

Fan-art of Auron and Blackhard by queensaphira [1].

Legacy Edit

Eventually, AuRon remained in good relationship with the descendants of Blackhard: one of the grandsons of Blackhard, a male named Birchfang, relocated in the Isle of Ice with AuRon. There wolves hunted in freedom, provided scout information to AuRon, and played with his hatchlings.