Bats are animals living in the World. They usually roam the Lower World galleries, living together in fear of larger beings. A colony of bats established in Lavadome, during the Age of Fire, playing a part in following historical events.

Meeting the DragonsEdit

A colony of bats was encountered by the Copper after he was forced into the Lower World by Wistala: there they started a collaboration with Copper, eventually shaping the destiny of their species. They used their strange numbing saliva to simultaneously clean the Copper's wounds and feed themselves. They also utilized their knowledge of the tunnel systems in the Lower World to guide the Copper to the Lavadome. Upon their arrival, the bats made themselves a home in the Copper's living quarters and around the Lavadome. The bats' constant proximity to the Copper earn him the nickname "Batty". 

Later, as the Copper rose in rank, he began to incorporate the bats into his day-to-day operations. He used their small size and ability to travel unnoticed to carry messages, and began to instruct the other dragons in the use of their saliva as a healing property.

As SiMevolant and the Andam tried to take over the Lavadome, the Copper made the most use out of the bats ability. Using the bats to covertly drain the opposing dragons of blood and making them unable to fight properly, the Andam forces were routed in the following battle.

Under Tyr RuGaardEdit

Gargoyls Edit

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