Ayafeeia was a Wyrr dragonelle living before and during the Age of Fire in Lavadome. She was part of the Imperial family, being grandaughter of Tyr FeHazathant.

Life and death Edit

Born from the second clutch of AgGriffopse and Ibidio, together Imfamnia. She lived her early years in the Imperial rock alongside her mother and the older siblings SiMevolant and Halaflora.

She joined the Firemaidens, and later decided to keep her service in the Firemaids taking the Third Oath. She rose on rank becoming a senior Firemaid (Maidmother) leading the group who saved Wistala from the demen and fighting in the following Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel.

She took part at the first phase of the Battle of the Iwensi Gap, but was later called back to Lavadome with most of the force. Then she took part at the First Battle of Hypat.

Once the coup against Tyr RuGaard was exposed, she could have been the main force to support him, but an open conflict was avoided with the exile of the dragon.

However she was possibly a target for Imfamnia and Rayg, because her known links with the exiles and distrust of how the situation was evolving into the Dragon Empire: she dispatched Yefkoa to search for the help in Sadda-Vale, but once she returned with Wistala the tragedy was already committed.

Ayafeeia was killed during the Massacre at the Grand Feast: she was indeed the only Firemaid killed (and this could imply she was specifically targeted, also because differently from most of the other victim, she was a capable fighter).

Legacy Edit

Ayafeeia found herself distanced from the intrigues of palace, the politics and the struggle for power in the Imperial Rock. She took the oaths as Firemaid and expressed her motivations for a deep desire and worry for the future of the dragon race. For all her life, she stayed loyal to her oaths fighting with honor among her sisters to protect the Lavadome and its inhabitants.

Her sudden death prevented her to reveal all her suspects to Wistala, however the former member of the Firemaids took care to investigate on Ayafeeia's death, discovering important clues on their enemies' schemes.