AuSurath, also known as AuSurath the Red, was a red dragon living during and after the Age of Fire. He was known for being one of AuRon and Natasatch's offspring.

Ausurath the red by captainchloee-d4ksq8l
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Red
Current: indipendent
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: none
Past: Heavy Wing Commander
Father: AuRon
Mother: Natasatch
Brother/s: AuMoahk
Sister/s: Istach, Varatheela
Grandfather/s: AuRel (fatherly)
Grandmother/s: Irelia (fatherly)
Cousins: CuDasthene, 2 males, 2 females, others
Distant Relative: NooMoahk (possible ancestor)
Friends: Gundar
Battles: War in Sunstruck Sea, Battle of the Iwensi riverbank
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations (see Fate)

Life Edit

He was born on the Isle of Ice, where his parents settled. AuRon decided to keep apart the males of the clutch, so AuSurath wasn't forced to fight to death with his brother AuMoahk. The hatchlings grew on the island, often play-fighting with the wolves. When their parents were dragged into establishing contact with the Dragon Empire, all of them decided to settle in it (only AuRon was doubtful of the choices of his family).

AuSurath quickly found a place as a skilled fighter and earned his place in the Aerial Host: he joined the Heavy Wing and was paired with a Dragon-rider: Gundar son of Gunfer.

He was part of the escort who brought his father, his aunt and uncle to exile.

The friendship between AuSurath and Gundar was strong, but during the Dragon Civil War the whole Heavy Wing was destroyed, and with his rider killed, AuSurath barely managed to escape to alert his relatives.

Little is known of the last actions of AuSurath during the conflict, but despite his desire to fight again, he surely did not took part in the Battle of Hypat, and probably neither at the final battle, because his presence wasn't noted on the battlefield.

Fate Edit

It's known that not all the children of AuRon and Natasatch survived at the Age of Fire. AuSurath survived because it's known he kept the memory for a long time of the massacre of the Heavy Wing, thus surviving the Age of Fire.

He relocated with his relatives in Old Uldam where he could finally live in peace in the Age of Foundations.