AuRon was a Skotl/Wyrr gray dragon and one of The Siblings, being the Champion of the clutch, despite being born a gray scaleless dragon. He played an important part during the Age of Fire, shaping the destiny of the world. During his life, he was known with many names and titles. He was known as AuRon the Gray, among his other names there were NooShoahk (false name on isle of Ice), FuThazar (false name for his visits in Ghioz), "Long-Tail Fire-Heart" among the the wolves (shortened "Firelong"), "dragon-lord" by the Old Uldam blighters, and the derogatory name "Gray Rat" by his brother, Copper.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Gray (scale-less mutation), striped
Current: independent
Past: Dragon Empire, Dragon-riders ( infiltrated as spy), Diadem
Current: none
Past: Protector, Lord of Old Uldam blighters
Father: AuRel
Mother: Irelia
Brother/s: the Copper, the Red
Sister/s: Wistala, Jizara
Grandfather/s: AuRye (fatherly), EmLar (motherly)
Grandmother/s: Epata (fatherly), Wistala (motherly)
Cousin: NiVom
Distant Relatives: NooMoahk (possible ancestor), AuNor (Distant Paternal Great-Grandfather)
Mate/s: Natasatch
Children: AuSurath, AuMoahk, Varatheela, Istach
Nephews: CuDasthene, 2 other males, others
Nieces: 2 females, others
Friends: Djer, Naf, Hieba, Blackhard , Shadowcatch
Battles: Battle of the Golden Road, Battle of the Misted Dawn, Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, Insurgency in Dairuss, Battle of Ghihar, Battle of the Isle of Ice, War in Sunstruck Sea
Death: Alive, at the beginning of the Age of the Foundations

Personality & Traits Edit

AuRon was born a gray (and striped) dragon: an uncommon trait that caused him to be without scales and thus less protected than other scaled dragons. However his features also included the skill to change his color to match the background, and having no scales he had also no desire for gold and minerals. For most of his early life, AuRon's actions were directed solely to the survival of dragons as a species, even if it caused the death of other dragons, animals and hominids. With time and thanks some meetings (with Djer, Naf and Hieba) he learned to have friendship toward some specific hominids, even if he would never share the fondness of Wistala for them nor the sense of justice of the Copper. For most of his whole life AuRon was a strenuously convinced that dragons should not usually mingle with hominids, nor should they live in civilized and organized cultures like the Dragon Empire: this was a big difference between AuRon and his two siblings.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Auron was born to AuRel the Bronze and Irelia. After hatching, like all males, he fought to the death with his two brothers, a Red and a Copper . Irelia suspected that Auron would die, because of his lack of scales, but he proved clever and innovative, using his egg horn not only to chip his way out of his egg, but also to gore his Red brother. He then chased off the Copper, who his left Sii was crippled from the Red.

Auron had two sisters, Jizara and Wistala . They managed to live peacefully until the delusional Copper led to their cave an army of dwarves. The dwarves killed Jizara and Irelia, but Auron and Wistala managed to escape into the Upper World. There, they hunted together and tried to find AuRel, who was out hunting when the Copper betrayed them. When they were attacked by elves, Auron revealed himself to help Wistala escape. He was captured and bound with a collar around his neck on a ship, where he met a very young and confused dragon hatchling, and a female hatchling named Natasatch.

Auron escaped when a she-elf, Hazeleye, let him free from his bonds. He then swam across the ocean, and was rescued from drowning by dolphins, who deposited him on an island owned by a Blue drake, who then drove Auron away. Auron found a human village, and after eating a villager, led the ensuing hunters to the island, who killed the Blue drake. Thus, Auron made the island his lair, and befriended the local dolphins.

When humans started to kill the dolphins, Auron attacked their ship in a rage, breathing his first fire and becoming a drake. He then fled, traveling North, and joined a pack of wolves. After being declared a wolf and named Firelong, he travelled with his pack to the eastern mountains.

There he met the Dragonblade, the man who killed his family, leading the Dwarven hunters. After being cornered by a host of men, the pack returned and saved his life. Thanking his wolf-brothers again, he travelled south, and met a dwarf named Djer.

Djer and the Diadem Dwarves Edit

Djer helped remove the collar put around his neck, and together they reached the Diadem's leadership. Thanks his friendship with the drake, Djer rose to the rank of Protector and Auron become a guard of the Diadem's Caravan travelling east. Auron defeated a group of humans mercenaries (former guards of the previous Caravan), but spared the life of Naf Touraq. While protecting the Caravan, Auron fought in the Battle of the Golden Road.

NooMoahk and Uldam Edit

After discovering the Black Dragon NooMoahk lived in the south, Auron departed from the Diadem and searched for the ancient dragon: his purpose was to know more about a mysterious "weakness" of dragons he heard about after talking with Hazeleye. On the way, he destroyed a group of renegades elves and met again Naf: the warrior give him an young baby-girl named Hieba to be cared. Despite being reluctant at first (and pointing that it was more natural for him to eat the baby), Auron agreed to take care of Hieba. Once they found NooMoahk's cave, Auron managed to remain with the ancient dragon and learn from his large collection of books. Meanwhile, Auron decided to leave Hieba to a village, to not further put her life in danger.

While studying under the tutelage of NooMoahk, finally the wings of Auron fledged and he become a mature dragon with the name AuRon.

The ancient NooMoahk had often memory leaks, and sometimes he woke up believing AuRon was an intruder. One last crisis resulted in NooMoahk chasing AuRon in sky, until eventually the old dragon crashed on the ancient grave of his old human friend Tindairuss.

AuRon grieved the death of the black dragon and returned to the cave. There he managed to became lord and master of a tribe of local blighters, obtaining a relationships bringing mutual protection. He directed his blighters against an invasion of the southern men, defeating the humans in the Battle of the Misted Dawn. Time later, he encountered again Hieba (now a grown-up woman), that was captured by the blighters. The arrival of blighter ambassadors brought a bloody conflict in the blighter tribe and the murdering of Tran.

The Wyrmmaster Edit

AuRon left the ruined village with Hieba, bringing her back to Dairuss. There he met again the she-elf Hazeleye and the human Naf, and discovered how Hieba has closer to the warrior. However he also knew about the Dragon-riders Wars and after having talked with other human delegates, he agreed for his participation in the war.

The plan was to infiltrate AuRon into the Dragon-riders rank, both to gather information and eventually attempting to murder their leader.

The plan worked, and AuRon managed to join the Riders, win a contest and join the high-rank of breeding dragon. However he was at first deluded, because AuRon had hoped to find Wistala among the captured dragonelles: his delusion was quickly dispersed when he found Natasatch. AuRon and Natasatch quickly fall in love, and the gray dragon ignited a rebellion that resulted in the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice. After the victory, AuRon established on the Isle with other Natasatch and their clutch.

The Red Queen and Reunion Edit

From AuRon and Natasatch, were born 4 hatchlings (the 5th egg died before hatching).

AuRon discovers that his sister still lives. After asking his mate for permisson, he sets off to look for Wistala.

Protector Edit

AuRon agrees to take on the Protectorship of Dairuss to ensure that his old friend, Naf, is fairly treated and not at odds with the Grand Alliance. At first, the Protectorship goes fairly well. However, AuRon soon begins to suspect their neighboring Protectors, NiVom and Imfamnia, of having wayward intentions. His suspicions are confirmed when NiVom arranges for the Copper to be exiled, replaced by the twins as Tyr and Queen. AuRon, to his own surprise, states that he will stand by RuGaard and willingly follows his brother into exile.

Exile and Return Edit

Later Life Edit

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