AuRel was a Skotl bronze dragon living before the Age of Fire. He's known for being the father of The Siblings, acting as an important figure in their early life, before his eventual death. He had six horns.

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Race: Dragon
Gender: Male
Appearences: Copper
Current: Independent
Past: Dragon Empire
Current: none
Past: none
Father: AuRye
Mother: Epata
Brother/s: unknown
Sister/s: Ayangthe
Ancestor: AuNor
Mate/s: Irelia
Children: 2 first dead clutches, third clutch: AuRon, The Copper, The Red, Wistala, Jizara
Granchildren: AuMoahk, AuSurath, Istach, Varatheela, at least another clutch confirmed and one unconfirmed

One biological clutch, but not officially, including CuDasthene, 2 other males, 2 females

Friends: Ahregnia, Bartleghaff
Battles: Second Urlant War, Wheel of Fire-Dragons War
Death: Killed before the Age of Fire, at the beginning of the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War, assassinated by the human Dragonblade

Early Life Edit

It's known that AuRel and Irelia had two clutches before the one of The Siblings: however the first eggs were frozen because they settled in high mountains, and the second clutch didn't give birth to hatchlings because the chosen cave wasn't good.

Death Edit

After having settled with his mate Irelia, after an agreement with the Wheel of Fire, the pair had a clutch: AuRon, Wistala, Jizara, the Copper and the Red were born. They let the males fight, according the old traditions, and AuRel was surprised to see the death of the Red and the crippling of the Copper.

At first AuRel appeared disappointed by the result, and even wondered if the Copper could reclaim the place of the Champion, but he quickly adapted and kept care of his family, bringing food.

He proved of being a serious, capable and stern teacher for his children, even bringing a human captive to be killed by Auron. However he also showed compassion for the Copper: despite refusing to give him a name, he allowed the outcast some coins and words of comfort and teaching.

Sadly, the resentment of the Copper was too strong and this led to his betrayal and the attack of the Wheel of Fire. With the death of Irelia and Jizara, AuRel went to hunt the assassins (while flying away he was unable to see his children searching for him) but he was eventually badly wounded.

Wistala found her wounded father and attempted to help him: the great dragon asked her to leave the revenge to her brother, suggesting the young female to search for a quiet life, with a mate and many clutches.

He proved to be understanding when the young Wistala could not restrain herself and eat most of the coins she had gathered for his father. Eventually the bronze dragon fought one last battle with his hunters, while his daughter fell into a river but saving herself.

AuRel surprised his daughter when revealing his friendship with the condor Bartleghaff, especially when the Bronze dragon expressed no ill feeling after the intentions of his old friend to feast on his body after his death (instead he welcomed such destiny, rather than leaving his body to some strangers).

Last Words Edit

The proud AuRel roared these last words in face of the enemies, while the young Wistala attempted to help him.

Foe and friend ’tween cave and sky

All hear me now before I die

Fire and blood this night will see

When filial vengeance I take of thee!

Legacy Edit

AuRel had a great influence toward his children: AuRon and Wistala kept a good memory of their parents, and AuRel's name would live in their songs. Many of the actions and decisions of The Siblings were committed after their infancy and the teaching of their parents. Thanks to their children, AuRel and Irelia had a number of grandchildren (born after their death), and their line would survive after the Age of Fire.