AuMoahk, was a gold dragon living during the Age of Fire. He was known for being one of AuRon and Natasatch's offspring.

Life Edit

He was born on the Isle of Ice, where his parents settled. AuRon decided to keep apart the males of the clutch, so AuMoahk wasn't forced to fight to death with his brother AuSurath.

He was clearly named after NooMoahk, to honor the memory of the ancient teacher of AuRon.

The hatchlings grew on the island, often play-fighting with the wolves. When their parents were dragged into establishing contact with the Dragon Empire, all of them decided to settle in it (only AuRon was doubtful of the choices of his family).

AuMoahk worked at first as a messenger in Lavadome, then he found a place among the scholar Anklenes.

He took care to check the wounds of his aunt Wistala, after Third Battle of Lavadome.

Probable death Edit

AuMoahk probably didn't relocate out of the Lavadome (as was done by many dragon) because his parents got no notice of this: the last time he was seen by them, he was studying in the Anklene hills. It's probable that AuMoahk was among the group of dragons that remained in the Lavadome during the peak of NiVom and Imfamnia's rule: when the Queen revealed her true intentions, the dragons in the Lavadome were believed to have been killed (with a possible few survivors enslaved for breeding purpose).

It's known that during the Age of Salvage, AuRon relocated his whole family to Old Uldam, but not all of his children survived at the last war.

Considering the elements to prove the survival of AuSurath, Istach and Varatheela, it's probable that AuMoahk was the dragon who paid with his life for the choice of living in Lavadome.