AuBalagrave was a black dragon living shortly before the Age of Fire in Lavadome.

Life Edit

He was of the Copper's companions during his time training with the Drakwatch: during his training he was known to brag about each success he scored during the contests. During one of the common brawls among young drakes, RuGaard managed to defeat Aubalagrave, Nivom and Krthonius at the same time: the struggle ended also with an embarrassing outcome for Aubalagrave, because the Copper grabbed and hurt him on the dragonhood, rising ironic remarks how that could force he and his future mate to some unconventional mating flight position.

He later left his first group in the Drakwatch when he was assigned to an aquatic sissa protecting griffaran nests.

AuBalagrave fought well after leaving the Drakwatch and eventually goes on to become a commander in the Aerial Host .

Eventually, he found a mate and sired a clutch. His life was however entangled with the following historical events, he was part of the reinforcement sent by Tyr SiDrakkon during the Invasion of Anaea, but could not take part to the engagement in time.

Being a capable fighter, he took directly part in the Second Battle of Lavadome, to defeat the Dragon-riders: he received one of the few armor-suite to block the incoming poisoning darts from the enemy crossbows, but he was struck in the jaw and died.

Legacy Edit

AuBalagrave was remembered as a good and courageous fighter who gave his life for the freedom of dragons during the conflict that took his life.

His inheritance was passed to his only clutch-winner.