The Anklenes were a line of dragons inhabiting the Lavadome before and during the Age of Fire who were enthralled and bred by the wizard Anklemere during the Age of the Sorcerer, giving them higher intelligence. They were known for their intelligence and patience, often filling the roles of historians and scholars.  Most of Anklenes took residence in the Marble Slope, into the Lavadome.

They come in conflict with the two other dragons lines, the Skotl and the Wyrr, during the Dragon Civil Wars.

Anklenes were often regarded by the other lines as polemical and spending too much time in time rather than action, sometimes providing opinions that worked well in theory but less in practice.

Some Anklenes, regarded as "radicals", were notoriously critic to the thralldom system kept in Lavadome.

Notable Anklenes Edit