Anaea was one of the Upholds of the Dragon Empire before and during the Age of Fire.

It is a remote mountain region far to the northeast of the Lavadome. Despite its distance, it was one of the most important Upholds, as it was the chief supplier of kern, a vegetable which, when mashed into a paste, aided dragon digestion and scale growth and to fight the negative effects of a life spent mostly in the Lower World, far from the sun.

Anaea was ruled by multiple "kern kings", the human society was agricultural and festivities and life were focuses on the cycles of agriculture. The region was protected by external foes because its location, but sometimes Anaea warriors were known to raid southern locations of the Hypatian Empire for women or horses (such raids were more done for sport, rather than bloodlust or feuds).

The Kern provided by Ananea was traded for dragonscales who were highly valued by the humans.

Upholders Edit