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While editing, keep notice that most of the pages describe events according to some High Fantasy Wikia: referring to them as true events occurred in the past. Direct references to the books, or present-time, in the text, should be avoided (with the exception of the specific pages of the books).

Each dragon has a page! Some with awesome portraits from Fan-arts and complete tables of their life and achievements! (WARNING SPOILER!!!)


The Age of Fire

For newcomers to the series, E.E. Knight's Age of Fire is a book series that is told through the eyes of three dragon siblings; Auron (later AuRon), Wistala, and The Copper (later RuGaard), which takes place in a fictional world populated by dragons, humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, blighters, demen, trolls, griffaran, gargoyls, Yikyans and animals.

The first three books in the series show the coming-of-age of the three siblings; each focusing on a different sibling and their experiences in life, while the later three books show the perspectives of all three siblings at once.

What's new on Age of Fire Wiki

Completed tables for characters with fan-arts available of good/high quality as portraits.

(other tables could be done in the future, if new art is available). Keep following [[1]] for detailed news!

Many new pages added, others will be done, others WIP and overhauls, follow [[2]] for detailed news!
Plot summaries and character lists for Dragon Rule and Dragon Fate now online.
Plot summaries and character lists for Dragon Outcast and Dragon Strike now online.
Plot summaries and character lists for Dragon Champion and Dragon Avenger now online; plot summary and character list for Dragon Outcast currently in progress.


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