AgGriffopse was Wyrr dragon living in Lavadome before the Age of Fire. He was the only clutch-winner of FeHazathant and the late mate of Ibidio: he was considered the potential heir to became the next Tyr.

Life and Death Edit

By all accounts, he was a strong dragon in every sense of the word. Varying dragons praised his bravery, cool head, and leadership ability. He was known to show gentleness toward Halaflora: when he was used to carry the sickly hatchling on her back, to make her fly and get fresh air. He seemed a perfect successor to his father until he was said to have been wounded while on patrol, fighting against dwarves. The wound was healing well until it completely stopped healing and proceeded to worsen, eventually killing him. The circumstances surrounding his death were contested and debated in the Lavadome for years afterwards.

The actual events surrounding his death were actually kept hidden to most: because AgGriffopse actually had a duel with DharSii and was possibly finished by poison for political reasons: it was later revealed that Tighlia was directly involved in his death, both arranging the duel and in finishing the wounded dragon. Such actions also eliminated DharSii as possible competitor to became the next Tyr. Other (less likely) rumors also implicated SiMevolant as assassin.

Legacy Edit

AgGriffopse's death prevented a good dragon, even if possibly too much eager to fight for honor and pride, to take the leadership as Tyr. However he left after him two clutches of children born by his mate Ibidio: the first one with SiMevolant and Halaflora, the second one with Imfamnia and Ayafeeia and no clutch-winner survived. All of them were deeply involved in the following events during the Age of Fire.

A secret group was organized after his death, the Immortal Memory, to keep honoring him. Such group would later play an important and decisive part during the Second Battle of Lavadome, opposing the Tyr SiMevolant.