Aethleethia was a dragonelle with pale green scales living before, during and after the Age of Fire. She was one of the few dragons inhabiting the Sadda-Vale during the Age of Fire.

Life Edit

She was the daughter of Scabia and was mated to NaStirath. Being the younger one born into the Sadda-Vale, her mother claimed with pride the great mix of perfect qualities achieved from the carefully planned breeding of her line. However she was naïve, pampered and with little will or personality. She was described as a dull dragonelle, without much of interest to say. NaStirath was the last dragon from the Lavadome to reach Sadda-Vale into a combined exchange of youngs, but the pair never managed to produce a clutch, with great sadness and frustration of Scabia.

When, after the exile from the Empire, the Siblings reached Sadda-Vale, Scabia demanded from Wistala to act as surrogate mother for a clutch: NaStirath however was more interested to play one of his many tricks and jokes and let DharSii to reach Wistala for the mating, once they were out of the sight of Scabia.

Aethleethia proved to be a caring and loving mother for the hatchling born by Wistala and DharSii, and the biological mother was at first sad thinking that they were probably growing spoiled.

However Aethleethia had a sudden change when Scabia suffered an assassination attempt: when the dragons left their residence, she disclosed a never-seen before behavior, acting as a more rigorous and tenacious mother.

After the Age of Fire, Aethleethia kept living with NaStirath in the Sadda-Vale, but the pair surprisingly started to conceive multiple clutches.

Legacy Edit

Aethleethia was the last of the Scabia's bloodline, and her features were a carefully balanced mix of qualities that marked her differently from the Lavadome dragons (split in the three main breeds). During her life, Aethleethia was considered at first as a stupid dragonelle from dragons foreign to the Sadda-Vale, even if friendly.

Her behavior was changed and strengthened by the last events of the Age of Fire, making her mature.

She was at first believed to be barren and unable to lay clutches. Surprisingly she started to lay multiple clutches after the Age of Fire: such change it's unknown, but it's possibly related with the increased amount of Aether in the world, because other barren dragonelle are rumored to lay clutches and others (as Wistala) are believed to be able to lay unusually large ones.

The many hatchlings she gave birth after the Age of Fire would be a decisive element in keeping alive the unique features of the Sadda-Vale dragons into the dragon population, in addition to being a direct contribution in rising the numbers of the living dragons after the Age of Fire.